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Consultancy Services


We have extensive experience in UK, GB and European Type approval. We have worked on everything from Stage 1 exotic vehicle approvals. To Stage 2 ambulance approvals and many small projects in-between. 

GB Whole Vehicle Approval

GB national Approvals for vehicles and conversions wholly registered in Great Britain

UKNI Whole Vehicle Approval

UKNI approvals allows vehicles and conversions to be registered in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. This excludes the Republic of Ireland

European Whole Vehicle Approval

European approvals allow vehicles and conversions to be registered in any EU member state. This now excludes GB.

National Small Series Approval

This allows a small number of vehicles to be registered in Great Britain. The requirements for this is easier. This is ideal for a knish conversion or low volume vehicles

IVA Support

We can offer support for the IVA process. Everything from filling out the paperwork, Pre inspections and booking the inspections.

Design Support

We can offer design support at the early stages of a project. This is helpful to ensure all requirements are met and that the design/concept will be compliant once built

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